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“One of the great lies which perpetuates the cycle of addiction is when one believes that their choices only affect themselves. This powerful book stands as a testament refuting that belief. As I work with individuals battling pornography addiction, one of the earliest interventions is to help them honestly evaluate the consequences of their choices which often serves as a catalyst for positive change. The candid stories shared in this book illustrate the devastation and hurt that is caused by a husband’s addiction to pornography. Although there are many resources available for those struggling with addiction, there are far fewer resources for the spouses or family members of the addicts; this book fills that void.

I am so impressed with the courage and vulnerability of the women in this book who selflessly shared their stories with the hope and desire to help others. As I read through these stories, I thought about my service as a bishop when I counseled husbands and wives dealing with these same difficult challenges. I can see the value this book offers as a reminder for priesthood leaders to explore and validate the experience of a wife whose husband is addicted to pornography.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to better understand (1) the consequences of pornography addiction, (2) coping mechanisms to navigate through this complex process, and (3) the healing that can come through our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

—CHAD D. OLSON, LMFT, clinical director of the St. George Center for Couples and Families

“Love and Betrayal: Stories of hope to help you heal from your husband’s pornography addiction will bless the lives of men, women, therapists, and priesthood leaders as they confront pornography and its consequences on relationships. Framed through the lens of attachment and trauma theory, this book focuses on the emotional devastation experienced by women as they cope with their husband’s pornography use and their own feelings of betrayal. The power of this book lies in the stories of the women and their journey through hurt, loss, and disillusionment to finding peace, identity, and healing through the atonement and the love and support of others.

When I counsel men who are caught in the chains of pornography, their wives often tell me they have felt neglected in the treatment process. They may feel a double emotional betrayal when they reach out for help and all of the attention is given to their husbands. This book gives voice to women’s trauma and the imperative to listen, validate, and acknowledge the pain they experience. This book fills a timely need in conversations about the impact of pornography to include the voices of women who have suffered in silence too long.”

—SHAWN L. CHRISTIANSEN, Ph.D., Dean , Beverly Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development, Southern Utah University; part-time therapist at LDS Family Services

Love and Betrayal: Stories of Hope to Help You Heal from Your Husband’s Pornography Addiction is a much-needed resource for LDS women, couples, family members, friends, and leaders. In other words, anyone who knows a woman going through relationship betrayal recovery from pornography or sexual addiction should read this book.

The authors seamlessly weave together academic research, professional commentary, and personal stories from recovering women in an easy-to-read format. Not only does this book have good information on what betrayal feels like for women, it also offers a hopeful and clear path out of the trauma.

This will be one of my top choices for supporting LDS women in recovery from betrayal trauma.”

—GEOFF STEURER, MS, LMFT, co-author of “Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity” and founding director of LifeStar of St. George, UT